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At the heart of FanChain is a decentralized application (“DApp”) that allows its ecosystem to grow exponentially. Whitelisted-partners can use the DApp to become a "mint" and stamp FANZ tokens in their possession, enabling new ways to engage and activate fans.

Example Mint Use-Cases


Sports Apps & Publishers

Reward contributors (authors, bloggers) with FanChain tokens

Teams & Leagues

Award team-specific FanChain tokens for future discounts

Online Shops

Bundle FanChain tokens for purchasing team merchandise

How it works

  • Any sports-related website, app, shop or entity may apply to become a Mint.*
  • Mints are required to have a vetted process of categorizing the content (or value) that is produced on its platform.
  • Once a Mint is approved, it will be able to “stamp” FanChain tokens with metadata for any team, league or event.
  • As a user produces content or creates value (e.g. creating a blog post, or buying merchandise), the Mint will categorize the user activity accordingly.
  • The user will receive FanChain tokens which are stamped with metadata that represents the teams or leagues that the user generated value for.
  • If a user creates general sports content or value on a Mint that is not related to a particular team or league (or creates content about a team or league that is not currently supported by the Mint), the user may receive FanChain tokens containing a generic stamp. These tokens can then be traded on the FanExchange for team-specific tokens if desired.

* Looking forward, we may explore additional ways for Mints to come into existence with the goal of being as decentralized as possible while maintaining the integrity of stamped FanChain tokens (e.g. Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, Proof of Brain).

Stamp-Mapping Metadata

FanChain will use an integer-based stamping value. A global list of sports, leagues, teams, and related sports events will be publicly available within its own GitHub repository as a JSON data file. Modifications and additions to this list will be handled via an open pull/commit process, managed by the repository owner, as new items are added or modified by the members of the FanChain ecosystem. Each sport, league, team or event will have a dedicated and immutable numeric identifier assigned to it and each token will be stamped with the corresponding value by a Mint.

Each token will have a single value stamped into its metadata and any member of the FanChain ecosystem will be able to identify the stamp on any token by performing lookups against the JSON data file.