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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ lists the most common questions asked about FanChain, its ecosystem and the token sale. If your question is not listed, we recommended visiting our Telegram channel or sending an email to [email protected]

The FanChain Token (“FANZ”)

How many FanChain tokens are there?

There are 600MM FanChain tokens ("FANZ"). The tokens have been deployed to the ethereum blockchain. 

What is the FanChain token’s ticker?

The token will be traded on exchanges under "FANZ"

Is the FanChain token secure?

The FanChain token has been audited by the global leader in blockchain security, Hosho. View the passing security report here.

What exchanges will FanChain be available on?

We currently have exchange listings secured on Liquid and LAToken. More exchange listings will be announced as they are secured.

Are FanChain tokens available to US residents?

Although the token sale is not available to US residents, FANZ will be available globally shortly after the token sale is complete.

What blockchain is FanChain built on?

FanChain is built on the Ethereum blockchain and the FANZ token is an advanced ERC20 token.

What wallets are compatible with FanChain?

FANZ can be stored on any ETH-compatible wallet. However, in order to view the "stamps" on individual tokens, a FanChain-aware wallet must be used. FanChain is developing both web and mobile wallets, and is working with third-party developers to include FanChain support into existing cryptocurrency wallets.

How is FANZ unique?

The FANZ token is unique in that it has the ability to include metadata within each token that can "stamp" each token with a specific team, league or sporting event. This opens up new possibilities for fan engagement and business intelligence.

Is the supply of FANZ fixed?

Yes, 600MM FANZ tokens have been minted and no new ones will be created.

How does a stamp get changed on a token?

Only whitelisted partners and platforms can change the stamp on tokens within their possession. This is done by utilizing FanChain’s DApp or RestFUL API.

What happens when I buy FANZ from an exchange?

When you buy FANZ from an exchange, you will receive FanChain tokens with a variety of team stamps (or, some tokens may be unstamped). The experience will be similar to buying a pack of baseball cards. You will then be able to trade FANZ stamped with one team for FANZ stamped with a different team on the FanExchange.

The FanChain Ecosystem

What is the FanWallet?

As FanChain tokens are ERC20 compliant, the token will be compatible with and stored on standard Ethereum wallets such as MyEtherWallet. These wallets, however, will not recognize the team stamps. A FanWallet will be developed for the web, android and iOS devices. Unique functionality of the FanWallet includes:

  1. Visual breakdown of FanChain tokens by team
  2. Ability for users to select and send team specific tokens
  3. Ability for users to send specific stamped FanChain tokens to other users
  4. User will be able to see and consume offers available to those who hold specifically stamped tokens
What is the FanExchange?

FanExchange is a web-based trading exchange where users may exchange the stamped FanChain Tokens of one team for FanChain tokens stamped with a different team. This will allow users to build a collection of stamped FanChain for their favorite teams while reducing tokens stamped with teams they have less allegiance to. Importantly, we set the exchange rate to maintain fungibility outside of the FanChain ecosystem. This ensures that FANZ stamped with one team will never be priced dramatically different from another team’s.

What is FanPay?

FanPay is a payment gateway ("software plugin") that allows stores, leagues, teams, venues, apps, websites, media and other entities to easily accept FanChain tokens for goods and services. The gateway will allow third-parties to easily offer discounts or offers only to holders of specific team tokens.

What is FanPrizes? is a website that will showcase a curated list of rewards and prizes that can be exchanged for FanChain tokens.

Where can I earn and use FANZ?

The first two platforms to support FanChain are SportsCastr and FanWide. We are actively speaking with other sports entities, teams and leagues to integrate FanChain. Contact us if you are interested in joining the ecosystem.

The Token Sale

When will the token sale begin?

The date of the token sale has not yet been announced. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about participating in the private round.

Will the token sale or private sale be open to U.S. residents?

No. You are not eligible and you shall not purchase the FanChain Token through the token sale if you are a citizen or resident (tax or otherwise) of the United States or any country, state, or territory where the purchase of the FanChain Token or similar crypto tokens may be prohibited.

Will I have to complete a KYC in order to participate in the token sale?

Yes, contributors will be required to pass a KYC before being able to participate in the KYC.

The Company

What is the relationship between SportsCastr and FanChain?

SportsCastr is the company developing FanChain. The same world-class team, advisors and resources behind SportsCastr are behind FanChain.

What official partnerships does the company have?

We have official partnerships with the NFL Players Association (who are also equity owners in the company), the WNBA Players Association, Stats, Inc. and FanWide.

Who are the company’s advisors?

On the business side: David Stern (Commissioner Emeritus of the NBA); Steve Smith (NBA All-Star and broadcaster); Jim Boeheim (Head Coach, Men’s Basketball, Syracuse); Charles Baker (Co-Chair, Sports, O’Melveny); Billy Owens (NBA legend); Vernon Davis (Superbowl Champion) and Eric Bechtel (President, Ideaquest).

On the blockchain side: Michael Terpin’s Transform; Peter Vessenes’s (former Chairman, Bitcoin Foundation) New Alchemy, BitBlock Capital and James Haft & Lou Kerner’s CryptoOracle.